Information security and data protection. Solutions for the design, creation and administration of secure IT-systems in the Data center in Israel.



To provide your business with the utmost security, and a safe, smooth, and comfortable path towards success.

Since 2006, Vilengy Ltd has been an expert in the development of complex solutions to ensure information security for businesses all around the world.
We design, implement and support remote IT-systems of any degree of complexity to ensure maximum data protection and uninterrupted work process of Your business.

Our advantages

  • Israel is the most confidential country for keeping information
  • Anonymous communication systems

  • Disabling access to the system by SMS / Email message – in automatic model
  • Interchangeable Emergency Systems
  • Backing up information and its replication in a protected form at the request of the client

  • Russian-language technical support

  • Remote system administration services

  • Flexible payment system, individual approach


Our partners